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100,000 of Business Leaders Took This Climb.

Are you ready for the climb of a lifetime?

How do you get ? ? ? 
UNBIASED Fresh Perspectives from Experts In A Variety of Fields?

Leading Edge Ideas, Resources and Tools to Achieve Growth?
Gain Access to Battle Tested Strategies and Tactics?
Build Relationships With High- Integrity Vetted Leaders 

 Conversations are powerful when they are with the right people. 
Time that is focused on what you need is not wasted time. 
It's an investment in your growth.

Do you spend your time with the right people? 
People that DO NOT WORK FOR YOU?

As a former CEO, serial entrepreneur and leader in the business community, 
I now dedicate my time to helping people discover Vistage and making connections count. 
It worked for me!  I will be glad to share how it can work for you.
I guarantee you'll end the conversation with WOW!  This was great. 
how do you get .png
Not sure? Keep Reading!

You are not the only one who was wondering... trying to figure out this

Peer Advisory Board Experience. Consider this...

What if you got UNBIASED straight talk from the sidelines

from those who walked in your shoes?


Leaders deal with a plethora of challenges and opportunities.

They value the UNBIASED viewpoints on how to solve... 

--  Remove the bottlenecks in your organization

Become more effective when it comes to producing your product or service 

Improving Revenue

--  Hiring the Right People - A Players vs C Players 

--  Raising the Level of Performance and Execution

--  Creating Alignment and Improve Accountability 

--  Improving Communication and Raising Employee Engagement

--  Creating the Leadership Team 

--Deciding on What Opportunities to Go After 

--Finding the Capital to Grow 

What if you had facts, true life examples, a brain trust of the smart minds, a forum with unbiased peers to have strategic discussions about your business?


You could move from BEING IN THE WEEDS having to do it all 

To DECIDING it and bringing on a great team

To DELEGATING it to a team that is empowered 

To DEVELOPING a Vision for Growth 

iT does not have to be this THIS WAY...

It could  

be this way...

Girl Leaning on Wall
What did over half a million Business Leaders Worldwide discover over 60 years?
 They learned to not do it alone. 
They no longer waste time or money. They save time and money. 
They work happier, faster and smarter. 
They don't second guess their decisions.
They tap into the genius of their peers and business guru's around the 
world who they have direct access to. 
The don't procrastinate, stress or worry. 
They use the peer advantage and tested research from Stanford and Harvard  to underscore exactly what the
smartest and healthiest moves need be for their personal life and business.

They don't delay initiatives because they do not have the expertise,
knowledge, resources, talent, experts. 

They instead use their peer advantage and collaboration they get quickly connected and supported in exactly what they need. 
Do you want this?
Do you want to be part of the community 
of your peers who decided to not climb alone?


what do they know that you need to know?

vistage logo.png


Since 1957, Vistage has been bringing together high-integrity CEOs, executives and business owners into private advisory groups. Each group is purpose-built to help members help each other improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses.

In our groups, about a dozen executives (like you) meet once a month to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues.

Our more than 22,000 members around the world represent a range of industries and a variety of backgrounds.

photo of members at a table.jpg

It all starts 

with the board.

Still Not Sure? 

Let's Add It Up... 22k x 60  x 2.2 

What do these numbers equal?

It equates to the reputation of 

VISTAGE The World's Leading CEO Organization 

for CEOs, Presidents and Business Owners 

who for 60 years 

have used the 

Secret Weapon. 

Wondering if this is for you? 

Click Here And Take A Short Quiz To See If You Qualify


And by the way...

This is not an association.

It's not a chamber group.

It's not a franchise or consulting company.

It's not a networking or leads group.

It's not a club, clique 

It's a for-profit company started by CEOs for CEOs.

It is selective, exclusive, productive, and everyone in this are vetted

(And also super busy, and yet they invest up to $20,000 and 100 hours to be part of this experience.)

So, what did these CEOs and Leaders do that you have not done yet?  



They tapped into continuous flow of unbiased fresh perspectives  


The group goes deep.

they dig deep.png

 We have broken down 

the issue in a very structured 

and dispassionate way. 

Vistage Member 

Thinly reasoned conclusions have no place in a Vistage Peer Advisory Board.


The hallmark of our boards is something we call Issue Processing. It’s a structured, thorough and efficient approach to helping members think through the dynamics of a challenge. It forces you to push beyond your assumptions and get to the real issues. That’s critical to understanding and evaluating your options before making a decision and taking action.


The process is a bit like working on a post- graduate business case in real time. Only the subject is your business.

who leads the peer advisory boards? 

Put 12 or so high-performing business leaders

in a room and the potential is enormous.

 The ideas that are shared are powerful and often change thinking. 


" I learn more at my Vistage board meeting and with my peers 

than I could spending 40 hours on my own. "

                                                            Nick Niemann - 14 year member

The role of a Vistage Board Chair is to ensure that every bit of that experience and wisdom is applied in a Vistage meeting.

Chairs are accomplished leaders and former CEOs. They are part facilitator, part coach and mentor.

They are totally committed to the success of their board members.

They help stimulate thinking, frame issues, guide discussions, spark collaboration, make connections, limit tangents and 

ensure accountability in the group.

picture for website .jpg



Vistage Chairs are very well-connected and spend a good portion of their time interviewing nominated candidates. 


Every member in the Vistage Worldwide Community was interviewed and vetted before they were appointed to 

 a seat on a Vistage Peer Advisory Board.


When you own or run a business, even the simplest decisions can have profound implications.

In a Vistage peer advisory board, no topic is off limits. If you are willing to talk candidly about the tough decisions you face, fellow members will rally around you, listen, ask tough questions and bring to bear every resource they have to help you solve problems and seize opportunities.

Whether the question is operational, financial, legal, structural or even personal, your Vistage board is a confidential forum of experienced executives who rely on each other for wisdom, advice and counsel.





are you ready?  



Get Selected.

Get Appointed.

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