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Vistage CEO Peer Advisory Boards 

Who is asking you GREAT questions? Who is helping you?

  • Who is asking you great questions?

  • Who is helping you?

  • Collaborate on complex issues.

  • Offer unbiased, fresh perspectives.

  • Elevate your thinking quickly and on point.

  • Give you inspiring ideas and innovative strategies.

  • Connect you with other leaders to give you a peer advantage that can elevate your thinking, quickly and effectively.


You can't work harder. There are only 168 hours in a week. Trying to work harder, longer, or be smarter is not going to work.

You need leverage. You need a group of experts like yourself who have achieved excellence and have superb skills in areas that you may not.


By joining a Vistage Peer Advisory board, where leaders confidentially share insights, identify blind spots, and offer unbiased advice, you will get where you want to go.

Unlock your growth, get battle-tested strategies and tactics immediately that will give you a great return on your investment.

Be part of a peer group that has 15-20 experts in strategy, pricing, operations, growth, finding capital, building strong cultures, building a team, exit planning, succession, marketing, and sales.

Vistage members are carefully selected, interviewed, and then appointed to my board. Do you have what it takes? Let's find out.






Who are the leaders that sit on Fitz's Vistage boards?  Here are a few that have interviewed and been appointed over the past 15+ years.

9 Dots 

402 Arts Collective

Aaladin Mfg.

Arbor Aesthetics 

Arrow Stage Lines


Aaladin Mfg.

Cannonball Express

Child Saving Institute

CI Select 

Claas Mfg.

Cloudbreak Health


CTC Productivity 


Ervin & Smith

Expert Outcomes 

Fashion Cleaners

First National Technology Solutions 

Goodwill of the Great Plains

HOA Solutions

Interstates Electric

Jewish Federation

JSMM Farms 

JTT Transportation & Logistics



Latino Center Of The Midlands 

Leaders Inspired

Leadership Resources

Liss Technologies

Lutz & Company

McGrath North

National Hydro Excavation Services 

Nebraska Warehouse

Nikki Klugh Design

Norfolk Lodge & Suites

Northwestern Mutual 

Outlook Nebraska

Palmer Candy Company

Pecaut & Company

Prader Willie Syndrome Association

Rhea Brothers 

Side Dumpr 

Simple Strat

Sherman HR Consulting 

Sioux Rubber and Urethane

 State Bank of Schaller

The Verdis Group

United Medical Practice Solutions 

West Corporation 


This is only a partial list that include companies that have been appointed to Fitz's Vistage boards. In the region we have over 200 members in the 

Nebraska/ Iowa /South Dakota.

Fitz also has online boards where members are located across the U.S. 


Vistage is a worldwide organization 

with Peer Advisory Boards in

20 countries 

representing over 24,000 


Becoming a Heart-based Leader transformed by business, my executive team and my employees. We turned around a struggling company and reengaged an entire workforce.  On a personal level, being a Heart-based leader restored meaning in my work life and made me a better husband, father and friend.

                                                      Jon (Skip) R Hanson  

"Being coached by Fitz for the past decade, I learned that implementing Heart-based leadership creates better relationships based on trust, drives high performing business culture, and drives bottom line results.  I am fortunate to have been tutored the by the best of the Heart-based Leaders, thank you Fitz !"

                                                      Eric Clarke- Orion 

Who Is Fitz?

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